What to look for when buying folding camper insurance

When considering your folding camper insurance there are many factors to be taken onto account. Different insurance providers could offer different features and some will exclude items which others might include in their policy. While you want to make savings on your insurance, at the same time you have to ensure that you have adequate cover for your camper van.

One of the first features you would have to give some thought to would be if you are going to be travelling around Europe. If you intend venturing outside of the UK then this would be considered essential. You would need European cover behind you to ensure that if you were to breakdown or suffer an accident in your campervan you would be protected. If not then the cost of recovery, repairs and a stay in alternative accommodation whilst this were taking place would have to come out of your own pocket. With European cover the insurance company would take care of this, with limits in place. The majority of insurance companies will insure you for travelling in Europe for a set number of days, so check this when applying for the protection.

Check what the policy would pay out for in regards to contents insurance. As you will be taking possessions along with you on your holiday you will need to have cover for them if they were to suffer damage or if they should be stolen. New for old cover would be ideal as if the worst happened and you had to make a claim they policy would provide you with new for old replacements. However again there could be certain limits defined in the policy and there could be exclusions which would have to be checked before taking on the policy. Any expensive items would usually be excluded and these could include such as expensive jewellery, cameras and other items. New for old cover could also extend to the camper van itself. However the majority of insurance policies will only usually pay out if the camper can is under a certain age or has done less than the mileage stated in the exclusions.

When taking out folding camper insurance there is ways to make savings on the premiums. You could for instance offer to pay out more in excess than what the insurance provider asks for. All will set a minimum amount that you can pay out in excess but you could choose to pay more. By doing so you would be able to save on the cost of the insurance but you will have to take into account that you would have to find this money out of your own pocket in a lump sum payment. You would also have to take into account that if you were unlucky enough to have to make more than one claim on the policy you would more than likely lose out. You could also make your camper van harder to steal by fitting security devices. Simply installing an alarm, wheel lock or a tracking device can all go towards keeping down the cost of the insurance.

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