Motorhome Insurance Tips

When choosing motorhome insurance you should look into the features of any cover you are considering taking out. Policies can vary considerably and if you want to ensure that you have the correct cover for your needs never rush into taking out what seems to be the cheapest insurance policy.

First you should give some thought as to how you will be using your motor home. If you are going to travelling around Europe then of course you will need to ensure that you have cover for Europe in your insurance. Even if there is European cover included in the policy you will need to check how many days protection is included. This will vary depending on your chosen provider with some offering more days than others. European cover ensures that if you break down whilst touring Europe you would be taken to your chosen destination, the motor home would be repaired and if necessary you would have cover to stay in a hotel while your motor home was being repaired.

Check the features and small print of the motor home insurance to find out if the policy pays out new for old. This would mean that you would get replacement items as the cost of what they are today and some policies will also replace your motor home with a brand new one if it was stolen or damaged beyond repair. However there could be limitations on the new for old cover so again checking the small print would be considered essential.

When touring around in your motor home you will of course have a great deal of your belongings with you and it is essential that you check if these will be covered. You will have clothing for instance, bedding, equipment and many more items and if these were to be stolen or damaged they could all add up to a large sum of money. The majority of insurance for your motor home will include contents insurance for these items but they will usually have a limit as to how much they would pay out.

Also check for personal accident insurance, this could include legal and medical expenses if you were involved in an accident. Again there would usually be a limit imposed on the amount the insurance policy would pay out so this would have to be checked in the small print of the policy before taking out the insurance policy.

Finally, there are ways that you can help yourself to cut down on the cost of motor home insurance. For instance the safer your motor home is seen to be the cheaper the premiums for the insurance will be. If you install such as an alarm, steering wheel lock, wheel clamp or a tracking device you could keep the cost of the insurance down. You could also offer to pay a higher excess then what the insurance company asks for.  All providers will state a minimum amount of excess that you can pay but you can offer to pay more. The excess is the amount you would have to pay out of your own pocket before the insurance company will kick in and pay the rest of the claim, so this would have to be taken into account.

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