Shop for direct caravan insurance online

 When looking for direct caravan insurance you first have to decide what your caravan insurance needs are. This would include how you use your caravan. If you are travelling around and using your caravan purely as your own holiday home you would need different features in the policy than if you were renting out the caravan to other holiday makers on a static site. You would also need to choose the level of insurance needed and this to some extent would depend on whether your caravan was brand new or if it was second hand.

If you have a brand new model costing a great deal of money and is a home away from home with all the mod cons then you would have to take out fully comprehensive insurance. This form of insurance is the most expensive but it would provide you with the most protection. If you were travelling outside of the UK then this would be the policy you would need as it would usually include European cover.

When looking for direct caravan insurance and you have an older model or you had bought a second hand model then you could consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance. This would provide you with basic protection against fire and theft and also provide the third party with cover while travelling around with your caravan. This type of insurance is a more cost effective way of protecting your caravan and driving it legally on the road.

Should you be planning on touring around with your caravan then European cover is essential if you want to drive legally on the roads outside of the UK. It is also needed for peace of mind as if you do not have complete cover you would have to pay out of your own pocket for such as recovery and hotel accommodation if you were to be unable to live in the caravan while it was being repaired. Most fully comprehensive policies would cover you for so many nights in a hotel while repairs were being made.

If looking for caravan insurance for your static caravan and you rent out the caravan then again fully comprehensive insurance would be advisable. This would provide you with cover against damage to any of the fittings and furniture in the caravan. You would also need to check to find out if the policy would protect you against a loss of rental income if your caravan should become inhabitable. Without having this to fall back onto you could lose out on a great deal of money, this should be considered essential if you make your living through renting out your caravan.

Last but not least check out the small print of any direct caravan insurance policy you are considering taking out. The terms and conditions could vary considerably and if you want to compare like for like then the small print will tell you what your policy included. For example check to see if the protection pays out new for old on your belongings. If it does this means that you would get brand new replacements for any items that had to be replaced that were covered in the insurance.


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