Tips for taking out Tourer Insurance

If you fancy life touring around in a caravan, campervan or motor home then you need to give some thought to taking out tourer insurance. While you want to make savings on your insurance taking out a policy that is suitable for your needs is essential if you want to ensure that you have enough insurance if you should have to make a claim. However there are many ways that you can save and of course a specialist online broker will be able to find you the cheapest premiums.
If you are touring around although the UK holds many places of interest and beauty you might want to venture outside of the UK and into Europe. If you do then ensure that the policy you are considering taking out comes with European cover included as standard. You would also need to check any limits on European cover as some providers could state that the cover is up to so many days. However if you do not want to travel outside of the UK then you could look for a policy without European cover as the premiums would probably be less.
Depending on the motor home you have bought or are buying will also go towards determining the tourer insurance you need. For example if you have bought a brand vehicle off the forecourt costing many thousands of pounds then you would have no choice but to take out fully comprehensive insurance. This would provide insurance for all aspects of your own vehicle along with providing cover for the third party. However if you have bought a second hand vehicle then you could consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance. This is a great deal cheaper and would provide you with insurance against fire and theft and would provide protection for the third party.
Once you have decided on the level of insurance which would be the most suitable you could take a look at the amount of excess the provider asks for. All providers will include a minimum amount of excess you would have to find out of your own pocket before the provider takes over the rest. However you could ask to pay more and by doing so you would be able to make savings on the premiums. While this keeps down the cost of the premiums you would have to find this money out of your own pocket if you were to have to make a claim on the policy. Along with this you would also lose out if you should claim more than once in one year.
Tourer insurance can vary considerably when it comes to the features so always compare these when comparing the cost. Of course if you are living in the tourer for many months whilst travelling you would have all your belongings with you and so you would need to ensure that you had adequate cover along with this you would need protection for such as windscreen, steps, awnings and bikes if you were taking these with you on your travels.

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