Touring Caravan Insurance Compare Quotes with One Form

Your touring caravan may well be your pride and joy and you may have waited many years to finally acquire a top of the range home away from home and take time out to tour the UK or Europe for several months each year. Even if you own a more modest van just you should make sure you get the right touring caravan insurance cover for your specific needs. This is where Quotezone can help, by making it fast and easy to compare touring caravan insurance quotes online.

The first consideration in choosing touring caravan insurance is to decide how you are planning to use your caravan. If you plan to tour the UK only then you will not need insurance for Europe which means your premium could be cheaper. However if you are planning on touring Europe then of course you will have to ensure that European cover is included, should suffer an accident while on the road in Europe or were to break down you would receive assistance. This could include being towed to your destination, repairs to your caravan and if necessary being put up in a hotel while repairs take place. Policies that include European cover will usually have a limit on them as to the number of days you would be covered whilst travelling on the continent, check this at the time of taking out the insurance as some insurers could offer more than others.

Always check to see what cover is included. Some providers could offer new for old and others might allow you to choose agreed values. If you were to choose agreed values then you would have your caravan valued and in the worst case scenario of a total loss one would expect get back full value it was insured for. If you take cover that comes with new for old then any items that were damaged or stolen could be replaced brand new. Of course you should always read your policy documentation carefully.

There are always exclusions with an insurance policy and protection for your touring caravan is no exception. For instance the insurance policy might not pay-out if your touring caravan does not have a wheel clamp when parked. The safer your caravan is the cheaper the insurance should be. So fitting such things as a wheel clamp, alarm and a tracking device can save you a great deal of money. Also the nature and location of storage when not in use is an important factor that can affect premiums. Valuable items might not be protected under contents insurance unless itemised, so ask your insurer to be sure.

There are lots of ways that you can save on your touring caravan insurance and a popular one is to take a higher excess above the minimum stipulated. This is the amount you would have to pay towards the cost of any claim you may make. While this gets the price down you should remember that this amount would have to come out of your own pocket and if you were to have to claim on your policy more than once in the year this could add up.

Shopping around is always a good motto and at we aim to make that easier.