Trailer Tent Insurance, Compare Quotes with One Form

Owing a trailer tent is a great way to take a much needed break as and when you need it. You have the freedom to go where you want and when you want. However you may want to ensure that you have suitable trailer tent insurance for your needs before hitting the open road as policies can vary greatly depending on who you choose as your provider. This is where Quotezone can help, by making it fast and easy to compare trailer tent insurance quotes online.

Firstly you should consider how you intend to be using your trailer tent. If you plan on travelling outside of the UK then you may wish to consider European cover as a policy feature. This may include roadside assistance if you were to breakdown while touring around Europe. It may also pay-out for you to stay in alternative accommodation if your trailer tent should become unusable for any reason. There are usually be limits on European cover which often means you may only be covered for a certain amount of days in the year.

One of the features you may wish to look for in trailer tent or folding caravan insurance is whether the policy would pay out new for old. Often this relates to your personal belongings as well as the actual trailer tent itself. This means you would be given brand new replacements in the event of suffering an insured loss.

Most trailer tent insurance policies will come with an excess, which is the amount that the policyholder has to pay out of their own pocket before the insurance company pays the rest of any give claim. Choosing a higher excess generally reduces the price of the insurance. The degree of security of your trailer tent, particularly when not in use, can have a big influence on how much you would have to pay for a policy. Some storage locations are considered more risky than others. If you install a tracking device you may save some money off your premium. Ask your insurance provider.

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